The samples you want, the medications your patients need.


Sample Center was redesigned to improve the usability of its web app. The interface hadn’t been touched since they first launched 10 years ago. The ordering process was the biggest challenge, since they were still using a faxing system. Here’s a few things our UX team did to improve the usability.

  • Research & Strategy
  • Web App Design
  • Pattern Library
  • Visual Design
  • UI/UX Design
Research & Interviews

User surveys, competitive analysis, heuristic evaluation & user interviews were conducted to gain a better understanding of prescribers experience requesting samples, including motivations, common tasks, and pain points.


The survey audience was pulled from recently active SampleCenter users. 1,754 emails were delivered with a 36% open rate and 14% click rate. The interview sessions lasted 20-30 minutes and consisted of 5 physicians and 1 nurse.

Meet Dr. Patel
Dr. Patel
  • Difficulty receiving faxes due to many doctors sharing the same machine.
  • Lack of time to visit many websites for the materials she needs.
  • Quantities of online samples are often too low to support her patient load.

Ensure the request process can be experienced anywhere, anytime, and on any device by removing the reliance on printing and faxing and allowing users to complete transactions digitally.

Select Process

The following selection of process shots include our whiteboarding, userflows, wireflows and hi-fi wireframes. We used OmniGraffle, Sketch & Invision.


The following mockups include desktop and mobile.

Pattern Library

We used a pattern library to keep all the UI elements consistent across the web app. Designed in Sketch and exported to Zeplin for easier implementation.